Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm a Model!

I Bet you'd never guess that!

I have so much shit going on in the next two weeks, I really don't know which way I'm going!  I have to have 3 calendars to make sure I get everything done.  My phone, the one on my computer and the paper and pen one.  I know it's a little antiquated, but at least it all get's done.  And even so, somethings still slips through the cracks.  I desperetly need a manager or agent and I have no idea on where to get one.

Do I go to craigslist to find one that doesn't want me to sleep with them?  I've been reading up on Feminization within Society.  It all makes sense.  Maybe I shouldn't say anything in this about it.  Fuck that, no one's listening anyway.  Even if someone were, they need to listen!  I currently live in a house full of men and none of them can control me.  That's why I'm self employed.  That's why I would have a manager or an agent, they would want a piece of the money I make.  It's all about Sex Appeal and insecurities.  Let's not cut the bullshit and keep lying to the masses.  Anyone who wants to go with me is going to make LOTS of money, not short term, but in the long run!  I have dreams, in art, writing, modeling, business, and even music.

So who will take that once in a life time chance?  To treat me like the lady I am and make the money that we both deserve?

Sin Cera 

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